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Prompt Meme.

1. Give me two characters!

2. Pick your theme!
It can be multiple themes, but don't get too crazy! Also, let me know if you want it to deal with any specific game-related, meme, PSL CR etc. here.

3. Let me know your preferences.

001.Sleep. 002.Love. 003.Pain. 004.Sand. 005.Glass.
006.Cold. 007.Moonlight. 008.Happiness. 009.Tears. 010.Laugh.
011.Cry. 012.Silence. 013.Sun. 014.Sing. 015.Twist.
016.Empty. 017.Blossom. 018.Strings. 019.Control. 020.Leave.
021.Psychotic. 022.Hope. 023.Alone. 024.Candle. 025.First.
026.Smirk. 027.Coffee. 028.Fly. 029.Elope. 030.Stay.
031.Moment. 032.Eternal. 033.Wish. 034.Darkness. 035.Poem.
036.Sick. 037.Turbulence. 038.Leaf. 039.Sugar. 040.Peace.
041.Embrace. 042.Dark. 043.Hands. 044.Youth. 045.Ignored.
046.Mistake. 047.Stars. 048.Pen 049.Fortune. 050.Hate.

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This is for any and all of my characters. This is also a place for you guys to air out any complaints with my behavior. If I ever do anything offensive or you are not happy with something I've done, let me know. I'm open to discussions on aim as well @panishment. You can also message this account.

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